We advertise and promote mobile applications: banner, contextual and video advertising worldwide

To publishers and developers

We offer mobile advertising, focused on reaching KPI, not just gathering installs. We use deep linking technology and retargeting to push up the effectiveness of promotion and to raise the profit from the app.

To CPA agencies

We offer only a tested traffic: its quality is proven by the high rate of KPI and profit, that is obtained from the attracted users.

The diversity of sources and partners allows us to provide any amount of traffic.. More than that, we guarantee thefraud absence and our technical support is available at any time.

To startups

We ensure the application's market launch in any country. We offer a full range of services: from localization and testing to audience selection and targeting customization. A flexible working scheme is included — we can pick up favorable conditions for any start-up company.




Working by CPA model you pay only for user actions that you need, not just for installs.

Pricing models




iOS, Android

Geo: RU
Installs: 140 00
Period: 06.16 — 08.16

Cradle of Empires


Geo: RU
Installs: 181 500
Period: 04.16 — 05.16

Rage of seven seas

Android,i OS

Geo: RU
Installs: 36 000
Period: 04.16 — 07.16




Geo: US
Installs: 1 120 000
Period: 03.16 — 2.17

Leo Privacy Guard


Geo: US, IN
Installs: 1 854 280
Period: 12.15 — 10.16

Flash Keyboard


Geo: US
Installs: 2 952 680
Period: 2016



iOS, Android

Geo: RU
Installs: 791 400
Period: 03.16 — 07.16

Ali Express


Geo: US, RU
Installs: 1 728 500
Period: 11.15 — 10.16


iOS, Android

Geo: RU
Installs: 89 000
Period: 08.16 — 11.16




Geo: RU
Installs: 149 505
Period: 06.15


Android, iOS

Geo: ID, IN
Installs: 425 000
Period: 06.16 — 09.16




Geo: ID, TW
Installs: 101 200
Period: 10.16 — 12.16

Wanna Meet


Geo: US
Installs: 20 000
Period: 12.16


Android, iOS

Geo: RU, FR, US, DE
Installs: 300 000
Period: 06.15

If you want to promote a mobile app, it’s better to hire a respectable advertising agency that can guarantee high quality and positive results. Qmobi has been successfully promoting apps and propelling them into the TOP charts since 2014.

Why should you choose our company?

The mobile marketing agency Qmobi guarantees high quality of the traffic. We don’t use incent and offer our clients simple and intuitive performance measurements, or KPI (Key Performance Indicators). We offer 24/7 technical support. Moreover, we don’t have a traffic volume limit. Trusting us with promoting your mobile apps you can be sure that the result will be flawless.

Our company uses only fair methods of user acquisition to propel mobile apps and/or mobile games to the TOP charts:

We use the following customer acquisition channels to promote apps (including paid apps):

For comprehensive mobile apps analytics and improvement of installation efficiency we use:

The combination of trusted traffic channels, powerful analytical tools, and Qmobi’s experience guarantees truly effective mobile app promotion.

Mobile app promotion price

The price of mobile apps promotion directly depends on the payment model. You can choose from the following models:

Mobile apps promotion company Qmobi provides its clients with a transparent and profitable business arrangement.

Our company doesn’t have fixed prices on promoting mobile apps to the TOP charts. Simply leave a request and our managers will promptly contact you to discuss all the important details.