We advertise and promote mobile apps. Traffic from millionth audience of real users.

Traffic sources by the number of active users per month

2,8 billion users

1,6 billion users

500 mln users

133 mln users

vk.com, mail.ru and ok.ru

651 mln users

50 mln users

10 mln users

Skype, Viber

To developers

KPI- and ROI-orientated campaigns

When optimizing the advertising process, we focus on the selected KPI, retention \ n rate or on the achievement of a certain level. During the continuous monitoring of the campaign we disable the banners, that do not provide predetermined KPI, and, by that, we are constantly improving the traffic quality.


If you have a tracker embedded into your app, we can launch the campaigns focused onto the attraction of users, who, for instance, make in-app purchases.

*To select this working scheme, conduction of a test CPI-campaign along with the access to the event analytics is required.

Deep linking

Deep linking technology allows to send users through the link in the advertisement directly to the necessary screen in the application, for example, promotional event or purchase. Thus, minimizing the conversion path.


We use the retargeting technology to retain existing customers and to return those, who, for various reasons, did not become your regular customer. In conjunction with the deep linking technology this can significantly increase your LTV performance.

To startups

Soft Launch

To enter the market with a new product and, not to collide with users' negativity, you should test the product on a small audience.

We offer you a competent and phased market launch of the product, that will allow you to escape the superfluous expenditure in the future.


Not only the text translation in the application but a complex localization is required, when entering the markets of other countries. We do a full adjustment of an application for the necessary country, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular market. Our translators do not leave out of account such minor items like measurement units or date and time formats, which are accepted in one country or another.

Fair CPI

We offer a quality traffic at reasonable prices, depending on a country. We have a flexible working scheme, including prepaid, which is perfect for mobile-first start-ups.


We help you to get right into the nuts and bolts of mobile advertising, which will save your time and efforts on searching for the information and testing, and, also, to avoid the mistakes when entering the new market.

To CPA networks

Quality traffic from the media-buying team

Working with CPA-networks is an important part of our business, that is why we are interested in the high quality users acquisition. This is important for the advertisers. Loyal users ratio is always at a very high level. See for yourself —launch your customers' campaigns using our traffic!

The best account manager.

We speak the same language and always ready to help. If you have interesting exclusive offers from the direct advertisers, we are always ready for an exclusive cooperation with you. We can also visit your office to put our heads together, regardless of where it is situated.


You will be convinced with the quality of our traffic, once you see the retention rate. We do never use bots or incent.

Big Opportunities

We have no problems neither with the amount of traffic nor with the number of media-buyers. We are able to provide you with as much traffic as you need, and, in the network, which you are interested in.