Best advertising format for app promotion

We keep answering the most frequently asked questions. Today, let's try to choose the most suitable advertising format in various app categories.
Highlighting the trends first: the main focus is consistently shifting to video format, as it provides the higher conversion rate into app installs and other target actions, according to ad networks data. On the other hand, one can hardly be convinced that the specific ad format will perform successfully for every product.
Therefore, user needs analysis in the app category and personal experience of the agency are on the frontline. For example, it is important to show users the gameplay and graphics while promoting the game, and video is the best choice for that. The same situation can be witnessed in fitness apps advertising: the user should get the understanding of what functionality is offered in the app. Vice versa in the e-commerce category — according to our personal experience, carousel format, playable ads and banner ads perform much better than video.
Our advise to app developers: test as many ad formats as possible when launching the app, and, relying on the results, choose the most effective format. Such analysis will help you to optimize the budget and to upscale your ad campaigns properly.

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