5 September 2017

Average CPI by country

What's the average CPI by country and where to find solvent audience?
This time we're answering two questions that we've already been asked a hundred times. This topic is super-relevant for those people who is about to launch a mobile app at several markets at the same time, but not yet ready to decide where exactly to start the expansion.
Basically, the average cost per install is quite individual for every mobile app: big weight and high level of competition in the category contribute a lot to price level. So, the scatter is really big: CPI in «Utilities» — from $0.5 to 0.8 per install, «E-Commerce» — $0.5-1.3. The difference becomes even more significant when looking at the «Entertainment» category: depending on the app specifications the advertiser may pay from $1 to $2.5 per install.
Of course, from time to time we start working with apps from the categories that we haven't worked with before, and to provide client with the average CPI rate is difficult. In this case, we agree to conduct a test campaign: the advertiser provides a test budget, about $1.000, and then, according to the results of the test, we provide the information on the CPI rate and the quality of traffic.
What about solvent audience? Well, the answer is obvious: Tier-1 countries like the US, the UK and Australia have the largest audience ready to spend their money. But to reach that audience here will also cost a lot, for what many advertisers are not ready to pay. However, a lot will depend on the category of an app, too — for example, some gaming apps have a huge financial success in South-West Asia, spending several times less on user acquisition.

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