CPI Campaigns via myTarget

9 November 2016

CPI Campaigns Become Available via myTarget

Mail.Ru Group has made it available for advertisers to promote their apps via CPI-based model. As everyone can understand, only the traffic converted into app install is to be paid.

Especially developed for the effective app promotion, for both developers and publishers CPI allows to optimize their ads budget e.g. to pay for real app installs only. MyTarget allows to start CPI campaign using multiformat publication or video-format (fullscreen and pre-rolls).

At the first stage CPI-campaigns will be conveyed via Mail.Ru Group media-projects’ advertising platform and myTarget advertising network. This new ability brings the advertisers one important advantage — it saves time as optimizing each and every campaign on every platform is no longer needed.

Mail.Ru claims this model to be more suitable and transparent for the advertiser than a deal with a random affiliate network. To launch the campaign SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform is needed. Right now the service supports Appsflyer and adjust trekking links, others are available on demand.

MyTarget is a Mail.Ru Group advertising platform that incorporates the mobile audiences from the largest social networks and services in Russia and neighboring countries, including VK, Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir. MyTarget is #1 in Europe for game apps (iOS and Android) in terms to retention (according to AppsFlyer Perfomance Index ranks, June 2016).

The ad network includes several thousands of apps and third-party developer mobile sites, allowing advertisers to extend their reach considerably. myTarget can deliver advertising campaigns to more than 250 target groups using variables like interests and income, enabling hyperlocal advertising, dynamic retargeting, and many other forms of targeting. The service offers a transparent pricing system that facilitates more accurate budget planning. Advertisers can also adjust the frequency of their ad impressions using the bidding function.

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