DoubleClick — Worth Trying?

DoubleClick is an SSP allowing the advertisers to buy up the ad placements on many well-known sources of traffic at the same time. The service is connected with the biggest advertising platforms and display networks like Google Adwords, Baidu, Yahoo and, until recently, even Facebook.
The platform is unique for two reasons. First of all, many of the premium ad placements are available only via DoubleClick. Secondly, the advertisers get the access to an almost unlimited amount of traffic in one platform. Besides, there are other exclusive features: more delicate targeting adjustments than in the display networks like Adwords are available; it is possible to connect third-party data management platforms and Brand Safety services that allow brands to avoid negative mentioning. Finally, it's possible to buy the advertising not only using the auction, but directly from the websites, for example, banners on BBC main page, which is definitely a platform's advantage.
The only significant limitation for working with DoubleClick is the budget size. The smaller it is, the smaller are the chances to get the access to the SSP. We would rather recommend this service to the big companies, because they will be able to reach the largest possible audience using the instruments provided by the platform.

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