Mission «Relocation» — Finally Complete!

It’s a great pleasure for us to tell —mission “relocation” is finally complete! It took 2 months to find a relevant place and now Qmobi’s new home is a huge open-space situated in the heart of Saint-Petersburg.

During the past 6 months we’ve started a lot of new projects and our team has understandably grown up to 40 members. A strong reason to start searching for more space when your office no longer accommodates such a crowd.

A few words about the new place. This is a spacious loft with plenty of windows. Lounge and kitchen spaces are included, several meeting rooms will be equipped soon. We tried our best to provide comfortable working environment for everyone and it seems they’re happy.

Now you can find us here: 7 line of Vasilyevsky Island, 76, St. Petersburg.


Иван Смирнов :
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