5 September 2017

Promotion via Twitter

Today, let's find out whether Twitter is a useful source of quality traffic and to whom it may be a helping hand.
First of all, audience. It's more «Focused» by age and interests, than Facebook. The vast majority are people age group 25, ready to stand their position really actively: sports fans, active political supporters, fans of music artists and celebrities, journalists, bloggers. If you have a great experience of interaction with such audience, Twitter is the next source of traffic you should explore.
Also you should keep in mind that Twitter feed is divided thematically. It means, advertising material that don't look native in the feed of potential user can be totally ignored. Of course, you don't need to ban the idea of showing the advertisement to a wide variety of users but, in this case, user acquisition may become extremely expensive.
One way or another, you will spend more money on user acquisition campaigns in Twitter than in Facebook, but, what's more important, you will find much more people ready to pay for your services or products here. As for categories, we recommend promotion via Twitter for e-commerce, travel and «News» apps.

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