Qmobi Joins the Ranks on Clutch!

Иван Смирнов

At Qmobi, while we are based in Russia, our focus is promoting and advertising for mobile applications across the world. We offer a combination of strategies to help your application get the most traffic and exposure, no matter whether you’re a small business or large enterprise. We want to help you bring users to your app and get your app in front of as many potential buyers and users as possible.

Over the years, we have served dozens of clients who love the work that we do. A few of those clients have taken the time to talk about our services and our personalized touch on a B2B market research site, Our app and brand promotion stands out from other mobile and app marketing companies.

Clutch ranks the thousands of companies on their site according to a complex algorithm that includes a company scoring system and in-depth, case-study style reviews. The companies are scored according to a transparent group of criteria, such as the company’s portfolio of past work, past clientele, website, and market presence. The reviews are conducted over the phone, where clients discuss everything from the company’s project management to the quality of the service and deliverables.

Currently, we are listed on Clutch as one of the top mobile marketing companies on their website! We are very grateful for our clients who have spoken about us to Clutch and we can’t wait to hear more about what our clients have to say so we can continue to provide the best service possible.


One client, the CEO of an online flooring retailer, emphasizes our one-on-one approach with clients. He stated, “Qmobi’s account managers are always available and willing to help us analyze the campaigns. They provide detailed results. If we don’t understand something, they would explain it in detail and answer our questions.”

“Qmobi’s managers are available 24/7, and for us, they're definitely inside the Top-3 best user acquisition agencies,” commented another satisfied client, the marketing director for a consumer services site. While he discussed our services, he focused on our accessibility and how we make all of our clients comfortable and keep them in the loop.

The co-founder of a childcare support network highlighted our cutting-edge expertise in our field: “People like our graphics and unique communication approach, but Qmobi is always helping us find out what could work better.”

Visit our profile on Clutch to see more of what our clients had to say! We look forward to our continued partnership with Clutch and to hearing more from our clients.