Snapchat as source of mobile traffic

There are still a lot of discussions whether it makes sense to attract mobile traffic from Snapchat. How could we stay on the sidelines? :)
Snapchat is the most relevant source of traffic for those apps, whose target audience is pretty young, basically under age of 25. The similar thing is for different types of mobile apps: Shopping, Entertainment and Games are much closer to achieve good indicators of advertising campaigns. Promotion of «shopping» apps has a very interesting detail, as well, — youth monobrands perform much better in Snapchat, unlike other social media.
Native-looking ad creatives contribute a lot to a successful campaign. Be sure to take the current Snapchat trends into account, actively use the animation. These steps can increase your ad's CTR by several times!
Snap’s geotargeting is also very specific. It is quite reasonable to conduct user acquisition campaigns targeted at English speaking countries, especially the US and Ireland, where the network has gained much popularity. As our practice shows, traffic from other regions may cost significantly higher.
If you are interested in learning more on user acquisition in Snapchat, feel free to contact us — we will gladly help!

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