5 September 2017

Soft Launch: Beginning

Now we are going to talk about soft launch, that is a helping hand for the developers to test the waters for their app. Undoubtely, this is a great way to find vulnerable spots in the app and to fix them before the whole campaign begins.
So, to start with, soft launch is suitable for those apps where the main functional part is ready. Interface may change in the near future, some additional features may not be realised — it's not important while making a test of a business model. The exception is the product made on the investors money as an alternative to an already existing big player on the market — in this case, such small things like additional features and interface usability will make the difference.
Aggressive marketing activities is what one should avoid while making a soft launch. It's very likely to get huge volumes of negative feedback, even before the general launch of an app. For mobile apps this can lead to an embarrassing situations: for example, the need to fix the spoiled rating in the store or, even to re-publish the app.
Next week, we'll touch the geographical aspects of soft launch — don't miss!

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