TargetSummit and Kinza-2016


TargetSummit & Kinza-2016: Qmobi Visits Moscow

Иван Смирнов

Last week we packed our bags and left for Moscow to take part in two conferences: TargetSummit and Kinza-2016. Now it is time to share our impressions and experience.

In general

This year Kinza-2016 moved to a well-known high profile location, International Trade Center. More than a thousand of attendees, more than 20 speakers — everyone had a chance to establish new partnerships and to get useful information on the industry trends. However, the main agenda of the conference was CPA-marketing and to find anybody from mobile industry turned into a real challenge.

TargetSummit was held on site of Digital October and gathered about 600 attendees for two reasons: mobile marketing trends and connections. Several auditoriums became a place where people got inspired by the presentations of market leaders. And shared their knowledge and experience, of course.


I is for Impressions

Kinza's greatest impression — a presentation made by Feliks Zinatullin, Cerebro Target Founder. Quite an informative lecture on how to reach the relevant users through using similar behavioral patterns.

What else? First of all, we will remember Kinza-2016 as a good place for networking. A vast range of possibilities to connect with different people from the industry. And, believe it or not, for the world-class afterparty. One of the most popular night clubs in Moscow, a big show and a real tiger at the entrance — definitely worth visiting.

TargetSummit wasn't supposed to be held like this. But its experience is priceless. For instance, Evgeniy Lisovsky, CEO Maps.Me, shared a formula to count a reasonable price for user acquisition. It is so useful that we are going to recommend this formula to all our future clients. A Skype-interview with Alexey Moiseenkov, Prisma app founder, also kept us at the edge of our seats. He gave an interesting advise to all app developers: to pay attention to scientific innovations might help you to create a brand new app. We'll keep that in mind.

And our special thanks to Julia Krasnienko, Marketing Director of Looksery (Snapchat). An outstanding humorous approach to explain the necessity to tune in to users while planning new app features. We had a lot of fun and food for thought both at the same time.

Our Achievements

Let's describe it in two words: meetings and insights. We conducted a number of productive meetings with our current and potential partners, gathered tons of useful information on trends in mobile industry.

Our greatest thanks to hosts of Kinza and TargetSummit, experts and all the attendees! See you next time!

Qmobi team.