VR/AR: Challenges And Opportunities. Qmobi at the AR Conference


VR/AR: Challenges And Opportunities. Qmobi at the AR Conference

Иван Смирнов

Just a couple of days ago, Qmobi CEO Sergey Karagodin made the presentation “Advertising technology at a new market. VR/AR as a platform for the business development: technical challenges and opportunities” at the AR Conference in Moscow.

Monetization of the VR-content is on top of the agenda for the indie-developers and midsized studios. And, of course, advertising is a prime tool to get the revenue. Having taken the floor, Sergey gave attendees an overview of market conditions in the sphere of virtual and augmented reality and also presented various abilities that are offered by different adtech companies. More than that, lot of attention was paid to the perspectives of the advertising technologies development on VR/AR platforms.

In the wake of this report we would like to announce a series of feature articles in our blog. Each article, talking about one or another aspect of the advertising development on the VR-platform, will be posted once a week, since Dec. 25, 2016.   

By the way, a few words about the conference. Every attendee could have a look at the real cases and could listen to different speakers. For example, about the future of immersive technologies in the film industry by the Nozon BDM Matthieu Labeau, or about virtual reality technologies used in education, presented by Cerevrum Inc CEO Dmitry Kirillov.

And here are some pictures taken by our team directly from demo-area:

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