White Nights Moscow'16


White Nights Moscow'16 to Show Where The Industry Goes

Иван Смирнов

The White Nights Conference finally returned to Moscow to make it the third time this year. One could meet more than a hundred of companies and a huge crowd of attendees at Radisson Royal Congress Center. Our team had nothing but to join the party. To do so, we arrived in Moscow on Oct. 10 to have our time to gather ourselves up before the marathon. Now, let us have a few words about the event and reveal the highlights of our conversation with different experts from the game industry.


Why Should One Visit The White Nights?

Several dozens of people were interviewed to have a proper answer for this question. Here's Top-3 reasons to visit the conference.

First of all, networking. There is no other event in Russia where you can meet so many people from the game industry. Industry-leading companies, recognised experts, developers, publishers, different services and platforms. The conference provides a vast range of possibilities to share the experience, to receive necessary feedback, to meet up with partners and clients and to make new acquaintances. It even seemed that the conversation hadn't stopped until we jumped on our return flight to Saint-Petersburg. But, anyway, two days of endless meetings and lectures have given much food for thought about and let us meet a lot of outstanding personalities.


Another good reason to take part in the conference is to present the new project to the influential professionals. It is hard to imagine how many developers came to Moscow to show their pet projects, made both for desktop and mobile devices. Walking around, we couldn't pass Ukrainian zombie-shooter VrGateway. An amazing experience of delving into the world of virtual reality.


Frankly speaking, developers were not the only one to present something brand new. For example, experts from Unity development platform were testing the waters of their knowledge certification system. Though it allows the game developers to examine their knowledge of the platform, the system seems to be more helpful for the employers searching for highly-qualified professionals. The Unity certificate may become the new advantage for developers while sending their CVs to acquire the vacant position. Services like Facebook and Google also presented their new features at the White Nights.


And finally, recruitment. Such big companies as Playrix, Pixonic or Riot Games were looking for the «fresh blood» to strengthen their teams. Besides, several Career TV desks located in meeting zone were broadcasting the information about open vacancies.

A Few Words About The Trends

Upcoming trends and tendencies in the industry were part of the agenda during the conference.

Strong movement from banners towards video ads — one of them. Customers simply stop paying attention to brightly colored pictures with the CTA to install one app or another. Increasing «banner blindness» has set off the trend to make more video. Experts say the use of video ad format will reach 80% by 2018.

More and more users prefer mobile devices to desktop, that is the new reality to the developers. That is why the number of games made for mobile only is reasonably considered to grow further although browser games seem to have caught the second breath. In this case, the game industry is not an exception.

Multiplayer option is retaking its positions. That is another interesting trend to be mentioned by the experts. Despite a huge number of installs of Match-3 games, users are beginning to lose their interest to «single player» mode again.

The last but not the least is the VR-experience. Still being a dark horse, it's getting more and more attention. Right now the market is awaiting for the first commercial success of the VR-project. We'll discuss the obstacles to make a commercially successful VR-game with the experts of the gaming world in our following articles. Make sure, you don't miss it.

Our Own Impressions

For Qmobi team, White Nights Moscow'16 became an excellent opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Along with making new acquaintances and meeting with our clients and partners, we also managed to expand our own gaming experience and to have a great time at the afterpaty. We heard tons of useful information at Facebook (Oksana Afonina) and Google (Amgalan Bazarov) workshops and at panel discussion devoted to in-game analytics. Some things we have already been implementing into our working processes.

Our greatest thanks to Nevosoft, hosts of the conference, for a top-class event! Looking forward to taking part in White Nights 2017.