App promotion in Google Play

App promotion in Google Play is often a strategically important task for developers and publishers. Promoting a mobile app to the TOP charts in Play Market creates a significant influx of new users. Some of them can easily become loyal users and earn profit.

Methods of promoting an app to the TOP charts in Google Play

Promoting an Android app to the TOP charts in Google Play consists of two main parts: Internal (ASO Google Play) and External App Optimization.

ASO for app promotion in Google Play

ASO (App Store Optimization) consists of thorough selection of keywords that will allow users to find your app. These words are used in apps’ names (max. 30 characters) and in descriptions (max. 4000 characters). Along with the keywords and phrases the creativity and attractiveness of an icon plays an important part in internal optimization. The more interesting the icon is, the bigger the number of users who will be willing to download an app. Equally important are high quality and interesting presentation photographs and videos of app’s performance. All the above mentioned applies not only to the ASO for Play Market but to the app promotion in Apple App Store as well.

External optimization for Android app promotion

The external optimization for Android apps is connected with the following factors:

Mobile Ad

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