To startups

Qmobi has an extensive experience both in mobile advertising and in the mobile market in total. The average working experience of employees in related fields — 7 years.

Qmobi team is closely monitoring trends and actively supports mobile-first startup projects in capturing the market.

We can offer:

  • Help in the selection of suitable tracking and analytics system;
  • Application audit and selection of the correct KPI;
  • Selection of the optimal traffic sources;
  • Promo-campaign of the mobile application based on CPI or CPA model or for the budget percentage;
  • Exclusive terms of promotion —contact us.

To investors

We offer consulting partner services to the investment funds specializing in mobile-first projects. Day to day making of advertisements for dozens of different mobile apps, we know how to promote it and what types of monetization works.

Write us if you are interested.

«Mobile Marketing Market is one of the most promising business areas. I believe that I’ve chosen a great team to implement big plans in this niche.» Ilya Popov, Investor, Partner