How to create an advertising campaign?

Click «New Campaign» and enter the link to the application from the App Store or Google Play. Then, set the daily limit of funds (in USD) and generate the banners or upload your own. If desired, adjust the socio-demographics and interests targeting. After these operations you can launch the campaign and start the promotion.

When will the campaign launch?

After the first launch of the campaign, the banners are sent to the ad networks for moderation, which can take up to a day. As soon as the moderation is passed in one of the networks, banners transmission will start, and the campaign will be considered as launched.

When will the campaign stop?

After the campaign is stopped, there stops the transmission of banners in the system interface and in the ad networks. It takes time — from 10 minutes up to an hour. During this period, the stats can be updated.

Delayed launch of the campaign

The delayed launch of the campaign is available in our service. This function can be useful, if you are planning the campaign in advance and are going to adjust all the necessary settings long before the launch.

Which category should I choose when creating the banners?

When creating the advertising banners, our service defines the category of your application automatically and selects the necessary banner styles on the basis of the successful campaigns stats. But, you can choose the category by yourself, too. To do so, click on the "Settings" icon and, in an appeared window, select the necessary category from the dropdown list. The new creatives will generate based on the marked category of applications.

Can I upload my own banners?

If you want to use your own banners for the promotion of an app, click on the link "Upload Your Creatives" and go to the special form

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